My name is Shadow-Runner and I am the Lead Community Advisor, for Nebula Realms. What is Nebula Realms? It is a free-to-play, 3D interactive virtual-world for PS4/PC and MAC, and is currently being developed by XALOC Studio’s.

Similar, in comparison to PlayStation Home and Second Life; Nebula Realms will offer users huge environments in which custom created avatars can meet up, play games, explore, earn rewards and in-game well as socialize and interact with various other gamers, from around the world.

Nebula Realms is fully funded for PS4 development, with the PC/MAC versions being planned, as soon as PS4 development has been completed. A closed beta is scheduled to launch, mid May of 2016.

What can users expect from Nebula Realms? Well, for starters...the game will be using the Unity 5 engine. It will be rendered in full 1080p/30+FPS on PS4. Nebula will also feature an in-depth avatar custom creation system, allowing users to create realistic, life-like, humanoid male & female avatars...with a wide and diverse palette of customization options, at their disposal. Allowing for endless possibilities with unique styles and personal preferences, in mind for each individual player. No two avatars should ever look alike.

Nebula Realms will also feature a unique “pop-up bubble” chat system, in-game. ALL users, will be able to maintain an effective and direct approach to communication with other players, in-game. Adding to that, users will have access to a chat log, group chats, club chats and private messages (PM’s) as well as native PS4 party chats and messaging capabilities.

Furthermore, all users will start with two default personal spaces when they load into Nebula Realms. Each apartment will feature full interior decorative customization options, including the ability to change the wall color, floor color, lighting aesthetics...even furniture placement. Decorate your personal apartment, any way you want!

No virtual-world would be complete, without clubs. All players will be able to create up to TEN individual club spaces - for FREE! Players can also be a member in 10 different clubs. Ten is the maximum capacity, so be sure how you want to manage your memberships. All clubs will host up to 64 players...and will feature the same customization options as personal apartments. Host parties, events, activities or just create a place for you and your friends to hang out. The possibilities are endless.

Nebula Realms will also feature it’s own unique in-game currency. Introducing Nebula crystals. Nebula crystals will be used to purchase in-game content; such as clothing, furniture, LMO’s, accessories and personal spaces. Players will also earn XP for completing various tasks. This XP will reward the player with a certain amount of points...and those points can be applied towards in-game rewards and content. Adding to that, there will be an OPTIONAL subscription plan, for what we are calling “The Blessing’s Of Nebula.” Players who choose to subscribe to this plan, will receive an XP exclusive Blessing’s Of Nebula personal apartment space...early access to upcoming content...and a special pair of wings, that will allow players to fly around the environments, rather than walk.

Nebula players can also expect a 17+ rating...and the virtual-world platform will feature the ability to turn the language filter ON or OFF, at the player’s discretion. Moderation will maintain a visible, in-game presence among the community...and players will have tools at their disposal to combat any type of harassment or grievance, such as a report system and a dual-ignore option that renders both parties and their chat, invisible to eachother.

Nebula Realms will also have it’s own servers, apart from Sony. It will function independently from Sony. Players will be able to create their own unique user names, for well as host it’s own friend’s list, with an unlimited capacity. This will be separate from the PSN friend’s list. In fact...your entire Nebula account will be separate from your PSN account. Suspensions and bans from the service, will NOT affect your PSN account or your ability to sign into PSN, access the PSN network, store, Netflix and other media services or online gaming.

Our community will play a big role, in helping to shape this service. It is a community-driven platform, and as such...players will be able to vote on the type of content they wish to see developed. Such as, clothing...costumes, personal spaces, public spaces, themes, LMO’s, accessories and other various features. No ONE person or entity will shape and mold this service, alone.

Among the community and in-game, will be certain players called Community Advisors. They will be marked with a special symbol beside their names...and they will provide a community service; assisting and helping anyone who may need it. This includes help finding certain items, navigating the menu’s, locating stores and products within stores, navigating users to certain spaces, hosting personal space tours, answering questions and so on. Like GUIDES, we will be there to help you...whether it’s your first day or your 10th year, we will be here for you if you need us.

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